Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready

The weather is getting chilly, which means winter is just around the corner, and now is the time to prepare your vehicle for winter and knock off everything on that winter checklist.

Fluid Levels

The first thing we recommend is checking your fluid levels to make sure they are at or above the minimum safe levels, and that includes your coolant levels. You’re going to want to check the coolant level when the engine is cold. If the coolant level is low, add a 50/50 solution of coolant and water to maintain the necessary antifreeze capability.

Brakes & Battery

We recommend having your brakes, and your battery and charging system tested by a trained technician. A fully charged battery in good condition is required to start an engine in cold weather. You can also have the condition of the battery cables and terminals checked. If you do it yourself, make sure all connections are secure and remove any corrosion from the terminals and posts.


Now is also a great time to check your tire pressure and make sure the tires you have on your vehicle have an adequate tread depth for winter driving. If any tire has less than 3/32-inches of tread, it should be replaced. You can also switch out your normal tires for snow tires. 


Other things you’ll want to check are the wiper blades, the air filter, and all headlights, tail lights, emergency flashers, turn signals, brake lights, and backup lights.

Don’t have time to check these items yourself? Our friendly Service Advisors are ready to help you with any winter maintenance task. You can stop in or schedule an appointment online or over the phone.


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