Where is the Vacuum Cleaner in the Honda Odyssey?

One of the first vacuum cleaners invented, back in the early twentieth century, used an internal combustion engine. The most successful application of the internal combustion engine is, of course, the motor car. Strange to think that we’ve had to wait over 100 years for the two technologies to converge. Your new Honda Odyssey has a vacuum cleaner! Read on to learn where to find your Honda Odyssey vacuum and some tips for using it.

Honda Odyssey Vacuum

Imagine this scenario. You’re on a long journey to visit family. The kids have been sitting peacefully in the back seat of your new Honda Odyssey but you know their patience is running thin.

You decide to reward them for their good behavior and to avert any breakdown of peaceful relations by breaking out some delicious cookies. Before you’ve remembered how messy those kids can get, the back of the car is a cookie crumb disaster area.

Thoughts of showing off your bright new Honda Odyssey on your arrival begin to fade.

But then you remember that unique feature secretly tucked away in the Honda Odyssey. The vacuum cleaner is deployed. You do a quick clean up and the disaster is averted.

You arrive at your destination with happy kids, a beautiful, clean, new Honda Odyssey and a beaming smile of pride. “Hey, come and have a look at my new car.”

Of course, they’re impressed, especially with how clean and tidy the kids have kept the back seat during such a long drive.

Which Models Does the Vacuum Come With?

Every car needs cleaning inside, sometime or other. Why don’t more cars have a built-in vacuum cleaner? It’s such a good idea.

The 2018 touring and elite Honda Odyssey models have the vacuum fitted as standard.

How Does It Work?

To use the vacuum the car must be in accessory mode or have the engine running. You wouldn’t want to have to have the engine running every time you needed to vacuum. So accessory mode is a helpful feature.

Pressing the start/stop button but without applying the brake puts the car into accessory mode. Make sure you have your remote fob with you when you do this or the start/stop button will not work.

Accidentally leaving the vacuum on and running down the battery would be annoying. Honda has thought of that too.

The vacuum runs for a useful 8 minutes before saving the battery by cutting out. If it’s convenient to run the engine, you can vacuum indefinitely.

Using the Vacuum

The power button for the vacuum is in the vacuum compartment. Pull out the hose and fit one of the two attachments.

There are a gulper and a crevice tool housed conveniently in the vacuum compartment. With these tools, no part of the vehicle should escape cleaning.

Press the power button and start cleaning up. The hose is a useful 8 feet long. This allows you to reach through the passenger compartment and vacuum right to the front of the vehicle.

The vacuum comes with a replacement filter and bag but you don’t have to use the bag. If you prefer, just use the waste canister. It’s located underneath the hose and attachments in its own compartment.

Remove the waste canister by lowering the compartment door and pressing a button. Gently pull the canister out and dispose of its contents. Replace the waste canister by sliding it back into place and closing the door.

Your Honda dealer can supply replacement filters and bags.

How Easy Is It to Use?

The vacuum is very accessible. The tools and hose are lightweight without being flimsy. The reach of the hose is ample to reach all parts of the interior.

Keeping the vacuum itself clean is easy with a wipe of a cloth. The waste compartment is simple to access. Waste is easy to remove either using a vacuum bag or without.

Operating the vacuum couldn’t be more straightforward with push-button convenience. The surfaces inside the Honda Odyssey are not difficult to clean. Carpets are short and don’t trap dirt so vacuuming is effective.

An added benefit is that the vacuum hose extends outside the vehicle. This means it can be used to clean other things so long as they are within the reach of the 8-foot hose.

Small trailers, mats, and containers can all be conveniently cleaned without having to use your home vacuum cleaner.

Everything stows away well. The various components clip into their places well. They stay in position without rattling or moving about while you’re traveling.

How Does It Compare with Other Vacuum Cleaners?

Honda’s build quality is excellent so you would expect the vacuum cleaner to be to a similar standard. How does it compare to hand vacuum cleaners?

Honda’s in-car vacuum cleaner handles cereal, pet hair, sand, and uncooked rice equally as well as branded hand vacuum cleaners. It compares well for speed, storage, and thoroughness. It wins out every time for the convenience of a built-in tool.

Where Is It?

So, it’s a great bit of kit. It works well and is very useful. But where have they hidden it?

You might be forgiven for struggling to find the vacuum cleaner.

The neat and tidy appearance of the compartment covers disguises the location of the vacuum cleaner and the waste canister. Once you’ve found it, you’ll be using it frequently to keep the interior neat and tidy too.

The compartment for the vacuum cleaner is located on the left of the cargo area behind a drop-down door panel. Just lift the door handle and lower the door to reveal the hose and attachments. The power button is to the right of the compartment inside the door.

The waste canister is located below the vacuum cleaner compartment. It’s behind its own door.

Honda Odyssey Cleans Up

There’s plenty going for the Honda Odyssey not least the built-in Honda Odyssey vacuum cleaner. It’s great if you have a family, enjoy the outdoors, play sports or transport pets. It’s a feature that makes sense.

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