Pin It Recipe – Delicious Butterscotch Lush

Pin it Recipe - Delicious Butterscotch Lush Treat

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This month, we introduce you to what Simple Sweet Recipes calls Butterscotch Lush!

August Pin it Recipe – Delicious Butterscotch Lush

Butterscotch Lush is a four-layered dessert consisting of graham cracker, pudding, cream cheese, whipped cream, and of course -butterscotch! It is also stopped with chocolate shavings.

Discovered by chance one night when two bakers decided to mix butterscotch into their lush treat, this treat is sure to satisfy your craving for a delicious dessert! Serve it as dessert for your meal, or simply bake it up as a summertime snack.

Ingredients and Directions

To make Butterscotch Lush, you’ll need a couple of ingredients per each layer of the snack. The Butterscotch topping layer comes from Butterscotch Ice Cream topping, and a shaved chocolate bar.


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Photo Credit: Simple Sweet Recipes, Butterscotch Lush via Pinterest. Cropped and sized to fit newsletter template.

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Posted in Pin It Recipes