How to Set Up and Use Android Auto in a Honda

Millions of drivers are 100% aware of the dangers of texting and driving yet they still do it. If you’re one of those drivers, automakers have come up with a powerful solution with lots of proprietary tools for integrating phones with driving. Android Auto for Honda is an app that gives you everything you need from your phone while driving.

Here is everything you need to know about using it in your car.

Setting It Up

If you’ve got a new Honda and an Android device, pairing the two together is a smart decision that leads you to get all the features you want without distractions. When you don’t have your phone paired to your vehicle, it’s hard to play your music or make phone calls without pulling over.

While you could do these things without pairing your phone, it’s a challenge that’s not worth the effort. With a few steps, you could have your phone connected to your automobile.

Start by downloading the Android Auto app from the Google Play store. This enables you to make the effort quick and easy. The app is perfectly optimized to help you connect your two devices together.

Connect the Android device to your car using the USB port in the car. It should automatically register the device once it’s plugged into the center console.

You’ll see a message on your car’s display screen asking whether or not you want it always enabled. Click “Always Enable” to make sure your device is connected whenever they’re close together.

Then your two devices should be connected together. If you unplug your phone, you’ll have to connect the two via Bluetooth. If you have trouble with that, contact your dealer to help.

Why You Should Use Android Auto

While it might seem a little clunky to set up, there’s a strong argument to be made for why you should always use this application. If you don’t mind plugging in your device, you’ll get much more control over it than you would while driving.

This way you’ll minimize distractions and be able to keep your eyes on the road. Since Honda cars are compatible with all of the latest releases from Android, you’ll be able to look things up, find locations, and play music when you want. No matter what service you need from your phone, you should be able to access it while you’re plugged in.

If you’re riding with a passenger who wants to use the device while you’re driving, you’ll find they can still use the touch screen for access. If you’re using an Android device and driving a Honda, pairing them makes for seamless integration of your communication and your traveling.

Is it Always Paired To One Device?

When you set this system up, you’re not tied to just a single device. If you drive with your family or friends in the car, they should be able to pair their devices with the help of the app. If you feel stuck using just one device, you’ll find that there’s a lot of flexibility available for people who own multiple devices.

When you pair via Bluetooth, you’ll find that you can pair multiple devices. They can’t have access at the same time, but your car will store the information about which devices it’s been paired to. If you share your vehicle with friends or family, all of your devices will stay stored in your car’s computer.

You may find that software updates require you to go through the pairing process again, but so long as the app still works, you should be able to plug it in. This gives you faster access without having to worry about your Bluetooth connection.

What if I get a New Phone?

If you get a new phone, you’ll have to go through the process all over again. However, with the app helping you integrate your device into your traveling, you’ll find that you have a more robust driving experience. With access to all of your favorite movies, podcasts, and GPS info, you can get around quickly.

Log in to whatever applications you use the most so that they save your information. That way, when you get a new phone, you’ll be able to quickly jump back into the saved information from previous trips or earlier listens. The more that you use applications, the more information they’ll store and the more comfortable it’ll be integrating their use into your driving experience.

Distracted Driving Isn’t Worth It

With at least 1,000 crashes per day blamed on distracted driving, mobile devices and smartphones are the number one culprit of these problems. Distracted driving costs lives and costs serious money. If you’re already finding that you have to live a budget-conscious life, then a crash caused by distracted driving isn’t worth it.

For anyone struggling with distracted driving, this application could be a game changer. If you’re willing to learn how to use the Android Auto app for Honda, you’ll find that a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. You won’t be worried about distracted driving any longer.

For the safety of your family, yourself, and the other drivers on the road, get the Android Auto appl to help integrate your communication and keep your hands free. This way you’ll drive without having to look anywhere but the road.

Android Auto For Honda Saves Time and Lives

If you’re an Android user not taking advantage of Android Auto for Honda, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. You’ll get voice control and hands-free access to the most powerful tools on your phone. You get everything you need when you integrate the two tools together.

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