How to Empty the Vacuum Cleaner in the Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey stands as one of the most versatile and practical vehicles on the market today. The company that produces some of the most reliable vehicles to ever hit the road has added an extra scoop of awesome to their already stellar minivan.

Having a vacuum cleaner in the Honda Odyssey has to be the smartest thing since the car phone. Perfect for the messes of dogs, kids, or whatever you use your Odyssey for. This handy vac’ goes everywhere you go and is always charged.

It seems, however, that Honda went the extra mile making the vacuum kid-proof. Let us get into this handy device and why it is so much like the car it comes with.

An Odyssey of Cleanliness

Like everything Honda does, the Honda Vac is just what you need and nothing more. But don’t think this is just a people hauler. There are things hidden away in the Odyssey you didn’t even know you needed.

In case you weren’t actively scanning your Odyssey’s back seat spy camera (every parent dream) and your kids, dogs, or both decided to make their own abstract art while strapped in, Honda has you covered.

Tucked away in the rear-most driver-side corner of the Odyssey is the Honda Vac. Pop the cover inside the quarter panel, and you are delighted to find a neatly coiled hose and a couple perfectly sculpted attachments.

A nice flat oval attachment lets you grab all the flat areas and covers ground quickly. From the seats to the floor, and even the headliner.

You are also equipped with a tapered nozzle perfect for the seat rail, cup holders, and all the other nooks your child’s snacks end up.

The Honda Vac is easy to use. Simply uncoil it, press the ‘on’ switch provided in the same spot, and pull it over the seats to the mess. Viola, no need to waste quarters with time-consuming stops at the gas station.

So how do you empty this vacuum should it become full of dirt, dust, and dog hair? Many are left wondering that exact question!

Inside the Honda Vac

The Honda Vac is actually a Shop Vap brand vacuum that has been crafted into the wall of this beautiful vehicle.

This Shop Vac is a healthy one. With loads of suction to grab every last spec of dirt, the vacuum gets the job done. It is also comes prepped with a filter, so your vacuum keeps running for years to come, and keeps the dust from reentering your car’s environment.

Below the compartment that houses the hose and nozzles, there is another secret door built into the plastic panel on your Odyssey. Pop off this cover by simply pulling on the hand slot at the bottom.

You will find the vacuum nestled nicely in the compartment below. To empty the can, press the button on the face of the vacuum and pull out the canister.

On top of the canister, you will have the filter. Take the canister out of the car, and pop the tabs holding the lid to the cannister. Under the lid, you can access the filter. Clean or replace this filter by pulling it off.

There is also a small bag you will find attached. You can simply pull this off. Empty and shake out the debris from inside the bag, and reinstall the bag to the underside of the lid.

Once you have the filter and bag back in place, snap the lid back on to the canister, and slide the unit back into the car mounted vacuum. You are done and ready to tackle the future messes presented on any road, school, or even space odyssey.

Vacuum Cleaner in the Honda Odyssey: Do’s & Don’t’s

There are some things to avoid when working with the Honda Vac, as well as some things you should do to ensure it operates as it did from the factory each and every time.

First, do clean up messes as they happen! The vacuum in your car is easily accessible and can reach anywhere you want it.

Take the time to clean up messes as they happen to maintain the integrity of your car, and to help you get the most for it should you ever consider a trade-in or resale. This also helps to prevent the next don’t on our list.

Don’t overfill your vacuum! The Honda Vac is one mighty little vacuum, but it is little. Should an entire potted plant disassemble itself in the back of your Odyssey, opt to remove the majority of the dirt before vacuuming.

This precaution allows you to not overstuff the vacuum. When a vacuum is overfilled, it puts a strain on the motor as it tries to power through its faultiness.

Do listen for this! When a vacuum sounds like it is revving higher than its normal pitch, shut it off and take a look at the compartment, it’s probably full!

Don’t suck up items too large for the hose. Although removable and cleanable, a clog in your vacuum hose can be a real pain and will also cause way more stress on the electric motor than need be.

Do wipe and soak up liquid spills before grabbing the vacuum. The vacuum in the Odyssey can take a lot, but it is not designed to be dropped in the puddle and suck like a straw. Use a towel and soak up all that you can before using the vacuum to pull air through the carpet to dry it.

A Truly Great Addition

Honda has reinvented the automobile in sublime ways through the years. They have managed to execute perfectly the essence of the human-driven vehicle with their attention to the details that matter.

From I-VTEC to the vacuum cleaner in the Honda Odyssey, there is always beautiful technology hidden around every corner of these cars. The addition of an in-car vacuum is just what the family needs, and is sure to last the test of time with the Honda name backing it.

Get out to your local Honda dealership today and find out how an odyssey can fit your family. Mess and all!

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