Honda Takes Next Step with Electric Vehicles

Honda Takes Next Step with Electric Vehicles

Honda Takes Next Step with Electric Vehicles

With its first-ever all-electric vehicle released, Honda takes the next step in electric vehicles production. Honda announces a joint venture with Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems.

In fact, the joint venture combines two sets of extensive automotive knowledge to pioneer the next era of electric vehicle engines. Additionally, the new joint venture company will aim to fill the demand for these engines. The automotive industry carries a massive interest in electric vehicles (EV’s).

On August 1, Honda officially released its new Clarity, restricted to California and Oregon markets. The Clarity, Honda’s first-ever completely electric vehicle, ranged up to 89 miles per charge.

Honda Clarity Features

Built as a five-passenger, zero-emissions EV sedan, the Clarity mirrors all of the best features of gas-powered Honda’s. In addition, it features HondaSensing technologies, a sporty exterior appearance, and the ‘fun-to-drive’ feel of a true Honda.

Also, a 161-horsepower electric motor powers the new sedan, which can be charged in just three hours. With a special SAE Combined Charging System setting, the charge reaches 80% completion within the first 30 minutes.

According to Car and Driver’s review, its quiet interior, comfortable seating, electric car zip, and free fill-ups are its best features. Still, the Clarity is only the first fully-electric vehicle from Honda.

In fact, plans are already underway for additional electric vehicles.


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