How to do the Honda Navigation Update

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a way to update the maps in my vehicle?”.  Below is the process of updating the navigation system in your Honda vehicle so that you’ll be able to keep your navigation system up to date.  The process below is only for the Honda vehicles that currently have the Garmin based Navigation systems in them.

What You Need

In order to complete this navigation update, you’re going to need to have access to either a PC or laptop computer, have internet access and also an empty USB flash drive with at least 16GB of available storage on it.

Step 1

The first step in this process is going to be to go to the Honda navigation update website, and enter in the model and year of your Honda vehicle.  This will verify that there is an available update for you to download.

Once you’ve verified that your vehicle is eligible, you’re going to want to download and install a program called Garmin Express to either a PC or laptop computer.  You’re also going to want to make sure that the computer that you’ll be using has an open USB port available, as this is what you’ll be using to download and transfer the updated maps.

Step 2

Next, you’re going to want to plug the USB flash drive into the USB port in your vehicle before starting the engine.  Now, start the vehicle up and wait for the infotainment system to go through its boot up process.  Using the vehicle’s touchscreen, Tap on the Navigation icon and go to Settings, Device and Update Map.  Once you get the message “Continue the update process” (this should only take about one minute to complete), you can remove the USB stick.

Step 3

The next step will be to launch the Garmin Express program from your computer.  Plug in the USB drive into your computer and follow the prompts in the Garmin Express program, it will verify that there is a new map update available.  This download process usually takes between 20-30 minutes depending on your internet connection. 

Step 4

Alright, we’re almost done.  Now that the updated maps are now on your flash drive, the final step is to plug the USB drive back into your USB port in your vehicle and start the vehicle.  Let the infotainment system boot up again and then on the touchscreen, go into the Navigation system, go to settings, device and then update map.  This should start the update process and provide a download status bar on the touchscreen.  This part of the process usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete (remember the vehicle needs to stay running through this entire step). 

Once this is finished, you should get a message stating that the download is complete; when you see that message, congratulations, you’re all done!  You’ve just updated your navigation system to the most up to date maps available! 

Now one thing to keep in mind that depending on the model and year of your vehicle, the process to update may be slightly different than this, so if you have any questions about the process at all, feel free to give us a call here at Wilde East Towne Honda and any of our sales consultants would be more than happy to assist you with the process.


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