Employee Spotlight – Nicole Archambeault

Employee Spotlight – Nicole Archambeault

Employee Spotlight – Nicole Archambeault

Every week we will be featuring one of our employees’ in our Employee Spotlight for a chance to get to know them a little better. This week the spotlight is on Nicole Archambeault. Nicole is one of our weekend Receptionists!

The Scoop…

  • Name: Nicole Archambeault
  • Department: Reception
  • Length of time at WETH: 6 months
  • Length of time in the automotive industry: 6 months

My life by demographics…

  • My hometown is Chicago, IL
  • I currently reside in Waunakee, WI
  • My family consists of my mom and brother

Cars, cars, cars-everything cars…

  • My first car was a Chrysler Sebring
  • I currently drive a Toyota Camry
  • While I am driving, I listen to anything from Musicals to Michael Jackson to Five Finger Death Punch
  • My favorite thing about cars are – road trips!
  • I have owned 2 cars
  • My favorite vintage car is 1970’s VW Bus in white and blue! I have always wanted one

A few of my favorite things…

  • My favorite day of the week is Sunday
  • My favorite movie is Dirty Dancing
  • My favorite animal is a Penguin
  • My favorite band is Metallica
  • My favorite restaurant is anywhere serving Korean BBQ!!
  • My favorite sport is baseball/softball
  • My favorite ice cream flavor is Butter Pecan

What makes me tick…

  • My hobbies include dancing, binge watching Netflix, hanging out with friends and playing board games
  • If I could have any superpower, it would be I would take wolverines power, adamantium and all
  • My favorite part of working at WETH is the staff, we have a great group of people!
  • If I could spend the day with one person (deceased or alive) I would choose Bob Fosse