Dependable Used Cars: Why a Used Honda Is Hands Down the Best Choice

Are you in the market for a used car? Chances are you’ve heard the advice, from a trusted friend or family member, to purchase a Honda. Why do so many people recommend purchasing Honda cars? Perhaps it is because of the multitude of awards the brand earns every year from outlets like J.D. Powers and Kelley Blue Book. Or maybe they own a Honda vehicle so they know first-hand how dependable they are. What are all the reasons so many people recommend buying a Honda when you are looking for dependable used cars?

Read on to discover 7 smart reasons why people commonly advise car buyers to purchase a Honda.

Hold Strong Resale Value

Perhaps the biggest reason people recommend Honda is because their models hold their value extremely well. That’s an indicator that the public at large agrees with the awards Honda earns. In fact, Honda’s CRV, Civic and Accord are three of the top 20 most reliable cars of the decade according to Consumer Reports Honda earned Top 3 spots for numerous 2019 Kelley Blue Book Awards for Best Resale Value including compact car and mid-size car.

If you find a Honda with 100,000 miles on it, that usually means there’s still plenty of life left in the vehicle. In fact, you could drive the car for another 100,000 miles and the car will still hold excellent resale value relative to other vehicles of the same age and mileage.

Reliable Vehicles

Have you ever noticed how many Honda’s you see on the road? Although they are top sellers, one reason you see so many Hondas are because they last a long time. In fact, if you want a car that can last over 300,000 miles with good care, Honda is the brand. It’s no wonder Honda has ruled quality rankings for the past 30 years.

Honda is Familiar

One reason people recommend Honda is because many people are very familiar with the brand. Honda came to prominence in the 1970s and 1980s as an affordable and reliable car manufacturer. At that time, many car shoppers jumped ship from domestic car makers and chose Hondas instead. A great number of those domestic defectors are still satisfied with Honda all these years later and are all too happy to recommend the brand to friends and family.

Easy to Repair

Hondas can go many miles before they need to be fixed. And when they do need repair, the fix is usually very simple. Parts are easy to find which makes repairs very affordable. With so many Hondas on the road, it’s very easy to find any part you need. And because of their popularity, most mechanics are familiar with Hondas and can quickly diagnose a problem. Forbes found the 2012 Honda CR-V to have the lowest repair frequency with check-engine light repairs averaging $100. The Accord also has low repair frequency with repairs averaging $200.

No matter how reliable your car is it is important to be prepared and carry these five items in your car at all times.


Nearly every Honda car features the word VTEC on the cover of the engine. VTEC stands for Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control which is a fancy way of describing how the motor adjusts the timing of the valves and camshaft. The engine is capable of adjusting itself to exhibit more power or to be more fuel efficient at different RPMs. Most Honda motors feature VTEC technology, but it is best known for its use in the Civic Si and Type-R. These motors enjoy high status in the automotive world for their high power and rev-ability.

Six to seven thousand RPM is the average RPM range for most cars. But VTEC motors can easily top eight thousand RPM on the S2000 motor.

These days, the high-rev motors are out and turbocharged motors are in. Nevertheless, Honda brought the incredible VTEC motor to the marketplace, earning high praise and credit for their efforts. If you’re in the market for a used car, you’ll still find the VTEC motor in most Hondas from 2016 and older.

Manual Transmission

Car enthusiasts are lamenting the death of the manual transmission. It’s easy to see why with so many manufacturers no longer offering a manual transmission on many of their new models. You can’t blame them entirely. Most drivers like the simplicity of set-it-and-forget-it automatic transmission. But if you still like to control the driving experience and shift for power when you decide to, nothing beats a stick shift.

Luckily, Honda still offers a manual option for many models. At a time when many performance car manufacturers are releasing models with automatic transmissions only, Honda exclusively offers a manual transmission for their performance Si and Type-R models. The Honda Civic still offers a manual option for drivers. Even the Accord is available with a stick shift, making it the only mid-size sedan with manual transmission.


When your friends recommend that you buy a Honda, you can rest easy that their claims are backed by the countless awards the company has earned.

Honda cleaned up at the 2019 Edmunds Buyers Most Wanted Awards. Honda is feeling at home in the winner’s circle after winning Kelley Blue Book’s Best Compact Car Award for 2019 for the new Honda Civic.

Proving their new cars are as reliable as past models, the 2019 Honda Accord is being awarded the 2019 ALG Residual Value Award. The award honors cars which figure to hold the most value after three years of ownership.

The Bottom Line About Dependable Used Cars From Honda

You can see why so many people recommend Honda as the preferred brand for dependable used cars. For nearly 50 years, Honda has been producing quality cars known for their reliability and high resale value. These award-winning vehicles rarely break, but when they do, repairs are simple and affordable. Car buffs enjoy the high-revving ability of the VTEC engine. They are equally satisfied that at least one manufacturer is still making manual transmissions.

In short, if you’re still looking for a used car, choose a Honda and sleep well at night.

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