Camp in Style with the Ridgeline!

Camp in Style with the Ridgeline!

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has many accessories, but did you know one of the accessories is a tent? That’s right, a tent! This tent is specially designed to attach to the Ridgeline’s bed. It extends out to the lowered tailgate, allowing someone taller than 6 feet to lie comfortably. It even has a large awning that can be extended from the tent, great for tailgating or as a shaded environment for outdoor gatherings.


The interior of the tent is designed to maintain access to the under-bed trunk and if available, the cab’s sliding rear window so you can easily reach your camping gear. You’ll also find zipper openings to allow you to access the 120-volt outlet that is conveniently located in the bed of the truck. With the in-bed audio system, you can also drown out any campground noise from neighboring campsites. Add a queen sized air mattress (not included), and two adults can comfortably sleep for the night in the tent.

See it now!

Want to see the Ridgeline tent for yourself? We have one right now on our showfloor! You can also order the custom designed tent through our Parts department as well as other accessories for your truck.

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