Buying vs. Leasing

Signing paperwork


When choosing between leasing vs. financing your new Honda, there’s no right or wrong answer. There are pros and cons to both options, so it’s helpful to do some research to find out which is the best for your needs and budget.


One of the most advantageous things about choosing a Honda finance plan for your car is that after completing all of your payments, the car is yours! It’s easy to apply for financing on our website, and owning your car provides you with a bit more freedom, such as:

  • The ability to customize the appearance of your car freely, including adding additional Honda performance parts
  • No limitations or fees based on the number of miles you drive each month

A downside of the car finance option is that the deposit and monthly payments when buying a car can often be more expensive than lease payments. Another thing to consider is that later on, selling or trading in your car can be a more difficult process compared to simply returning your lease.


Leasing your new Honda vehicle definitely has some appealing benefits, most significantly a lower deposit and monthly rate and great lease specials. This makes it a great choice for Sun Prairie drivers who need a more temporary option. There are other pros of leasing as well:

  • You have the option to either purchase or return the car after the lease term ends
  • When you choose a Honda lease, you can be sure to receive the best technology and latest features for your drives through Cottage Grove by simply upgrading to the latest model at the end of your lease term

One potential drawback of a lease is that the credit score requirement is almost always higher than it is for a loan, making a lease slightly more difficult to obtain. Furthermore, while in general leasing is the more inexpensive option, there can be additional fees based on the amount of miles driven and any wear and tear on the vehicle when it is returned.

Wilde East Towne Honda is Here to Help

It’s important to choose the option that best suits you, so feel free to contact us or visit us in person at Wilde East Towne Honda with any further questions you may have. Still deciding which car to buy or lease? Be sure to check out our latest special offers, or simply peruse our new Honda vehicles.