How to Connect Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Most new cars nowadays have technology that offers smartphone integration to connect to your vehicle for convenience and a safer driving experience. Two of those applications are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Follow this simple setup process to connect your smartphone to your Honda.

Steps to Set Up

  1. The first indication to know that your car is equipped with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, is there will be a phone symbol next to the USB port in your vehicle.
  2. Once you have confirmed your car is compatible, plug in your data USB charging cable into your vehicle and the other end into your cell phone.
  3. Next, unlock your phone to activate your device into Apple CarPlay or Android Auto mode. Then our car is going to ask you to confirm that you would like to enable Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with this device. Select Enable.
  4. A prompt will then come on your cell phone screen asking if you would like to allow Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to access your phone while it’s locked. Press allow.
  5. Going back to your infotainment system, on the home screen there will be a selection for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, press that to go into the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto screen.
  6. If your phone has been connected correctly, you will see this screen casting compatible apps from your cell phone onto your car’s display screen.
  7. To disconnect from Apple CarPlay, simply unplug your phone from the data cable. 

With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connected to your vehicle, you will have the ability to dial directly from your contact list and use voice command to send or read text messages. The program also allows you to use GPS systems already programmed into your phone or access any compatible apps you have on your phone, such as audio streaming apps like Pandora or Spotify.

As a note, some older phones do not have the capability of connecting to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and some phones may have slightly different set up questions, but this process works with the majority of phones and vehicles equipped with these applications.


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