Safe City Driving Tips

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Safe City Driving Tips

For seasoned city-drivers, it’s just another day of getting to where you need to go. For others who are not used to city driving, it can be a little stressful. City driving can mean heavy, slow-moving traffic, cyclists sharing the roadway and a maze of one-way streets. To help make city driving less hectic, we found some helpful tips written by Rachel Halliwell.

Tip 1: Plan Your Route

Before your journey, check out a map, like Google Maps, to get familiar with how your route will look and the expected delay time you will have to take into consideration. Looking at a map beforehand can help save you if you become confused. If you need to, find a safe spot to pull over so you can figure out where exactly you are and how to get back on your desired route. Also, if you’re not rushing, it allows you plenty of time to fix mistakes and get back on track.

Tip 2: Mind the Gap

Always leave enough space in front of you and to the sides of your car, those are the gaps you have control of. By leaving enough space, you can quickly avoid an accident. Accident’s do happen even if you are diligent about minding the gap. Car doors can unexpectedly open, pedestrians or bicyclists can pop out of nowhere, the list can go on. Also, if you notice the person behind you following a little bit too close, you’ll want to slow down a little further back than normal to give them enough time to react.

Tip 3: Volume of Traffic

A compliment of Mind the Gap, it’s important to be aware of the volume and kind of traffic you are in. Traffic may include legally allowed bicycles and mopeds on the road. Because they are not protected by the body of a vehicle, they can be hurt much worse if in an accident. It’s important to give them plenty of room and to be patient. Also, don’t forget about modern-day distractions and pedestrians. They may be listening to music or looking at their phone, not paying attention to traffic and can walk right into danger. Having the extra gap around your car can help you react without having an accident.

Tip 4: Narrow Roads

Most roads have updated throughout the years, but some older roads may not be fit to accommodate the heavy traffic they now receive. Know the width of your vehicle, or plan on driving a smaller vehicle. The 2018 Honda Civic is a perfect city driving car, available now at Wilde East Towne Honda.

TIp 5: Peep and Creep

The peep and creep tip is pretty well known. It means to safely stop then creep out to see if there is any oncoming traffic when your view is restricted. It may not be ideal to peep and creep, but if you do, do so safely.

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