Watch for Potholes

Pothole Season

Wisconsin has given us a winter to talk about. Drivers have gone up against snow and ice covered roads, and we can’t forget about the Polar Vortex. With this crazy winter season and no end in sight, drivers also have to watch out for potholes. With days well below freezing, snow, ice, and rain, the asphalt looks pretty beat up. Drivers need to be observant of cracks, potholes, and rough spots to avoid unnecessary damage to their vehicle. Potholes can pop up overnight and can surprise any driver.

How Potholes Affect Alignment

Hitting potholes, large or small, can throw off the alignment on your vehicle. Proper alignment ensures safe handling and keeps your tires in good condition. If your vehicle is pulling in one direction and not straight or if you feel a loss of control, that could mean an alignment problem. If you are not sure if your vehicle needs an alignment, visit one of our Service Advisors in our Service Department and they can perform an alignment inspection for you.

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Photo by Grant Czerwinski on Unsplash


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