5 Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving

5 Defensive Driving Tips

Being a defensive driver is not a bad thing. Staying alert and following traffic rules is the key to avoiding accidents. Although you can’t control the actions of other motorists, you have control over how you operate your vehicle. Below are five tips you can follow to be a defensive driver.

Two-car lengths
It’s a good idea to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Following the two-car lengths, rule helps you visualize a safe driving distance. This will give you enough time to react to sudden braking or other last-minute maneuvers.

Eliminate distractions
The first thing you can do is eliminate distractions you can control. Set your music playlist before you start driving, turn your phone on silent and place out of sight, and remind the vehicle occupants you need to focus on the road.

Never assume
Never assume what other drivers are going to do. If you need to turn on an exit, plan your turn ahead of time instead of trying to switch lanes suddenly.

Adjust to the weather
Rain, sleet, and snow are examples of unfavorable weather conditions that need to be taken seriously. Driving slower to road conditions and breaking earlier can help you get to your destination safely.

Watch for erratic drivers
Besides watching the road, watch the other drivers around you. If they are driving erratically, stay out of their path and if it’s reasonable, call the police. The other driver may just be a determined driver, or they could be having a medical emergency.

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