Tips to Better Gas Mileage

Tips to Better Gas Mileage

You may have noticed that gas prices are dropping, and that’s great news for every car owner! Even though gas prices are on the decline, getting the best miles per gallon should still be a priority. I mean, who wouldn’t want extra money in their savings account? Saving money isn’t the only reason to try and improve your gas mileage. Less gas used means fewer harmful chemicals being released into our environment. In fact, Honda has its own environmental lineup that includes the all-new 2019 Insight, Accord Hybrid, and Clarity models. Even if you don’t own an environmentally named car, you are still in luck. Every Honda model is built with environmental impacts in mind.

Automakers can only do so much to make a car get the best fuel economy and be environmentally friendly. Drivers also have to be mindful of their driving and maintenance habits. To help drivers out, we have a few tips that can improve your fuel economy and save money.

Better Fuel Economy Tips

  1. Check Tire Pressure: Keep tires properly inflated and improve gas mileage by up to 3.3%.
  2. Use the Right Motor Oil: Improve gas mileage by 1 to 2 percent by using the grade of motor oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Replace Clogged Air Filters: Replacing clogged air filters on older vehicles can improve fuel economy and will improve performance and acceleration on all vehicles.
  4. Take it Easy on the Pedal: Ease into stops, avoid sudden braking and go easy on the pedal when resuming speed.
  5. Use Your Cruise Control: Using the cruise control on your car will help you maintain a speed that is legal, safe, and very fuel efficient.

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