Safety Tips to Avoid Vehicle Theft

Car Theft

Safety Tips to Avoid Vehicle Theft

With the recent car thefts all around Madison, being vigilant in securing your car can prevent you from being the next victim. To help reduce your chances of this unfortunate crime, we found a few tips on protecting you and your car from an auto theft.

Lock Up Your Vehicle

An unlocked car is an open invitation to any thief, regardless of any anti-theft device you use. Even if you are only leaving your vehicle for a few minutes, always make sure it’s secure. Remove your keys from the ignition, lock your doors, close all your windows, and park in a well-lit area. Also, never leave your keys in your vehicle, including spare keys.

Warning Device

After locking up your vehicle, you’ll want to have a visible or audible warning device that alerts thieves that your car is protected. If you purchased a vehicle from us at Wilde East Towne Honda, you had an option to get Secure Etch. Window etching is the first line of action you can take while in the process of purchasing your car. Other warning devices include audible alarms, steering wheel locks, steering column collars, brake locks, and wheel locks.

Take Away Temptation

Locking and securing your car are important first steps, but don’t forget to remove any temptations from clear view. Items like GPS devices, phone, purses, backpacks, laptops, etc., can entice thieves to enter your vehicle, and once they’re in, they might be tempted to steal the vehicle itself.

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Photo Credit: Yonkers Honda, set of car keys via Flickr Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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