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Brownie Cake Pops

Even though Valentine’s Day has already passed, celebrating a little late is always better than never. Plus, these cake pops are delicious and sweet no matter the occasion. The best part? Only four simple ingredients are necessary — anyone can accomplish this treat!

Ingredients and Instructions

This recipe requires four ingredients, all of which you can pick up at your nearest grocery store: 1 box of chocolate fudge brownie mix, 1 canister of fudge frosting, 1 bag of bright pink melting chips and sprinkles! If you don’t have cake pop skewers, you can buy them or just keep them on cupcake tins like little truffles.

Next, bake the brownies according to box instructions and let cool. Then mix the brownies and half a container of the fudge frosting in a large mixing bowl. Scoop and roll the mix into golf ball-sized balls, and place them on a baking sheet in the freezer to harden. Melt the pink chips, and dip and swirl each cake pop in the melty pink for coat the outside. Lastly, garnish with sprinkles as you please, and enjoy!

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